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Pay attention to safety, promote production and create benefit
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Safety work is the lifeline of an enterprise. There is only starting point but no end for safety production work. It will be on the way forever. Safety is benefit. Safety production is not only closely related to the development of an enterprise, but also closely linked to economic benefits and stability of the enterprise. It is a work that must be insisted for a long time, throughout production all the time, and unremitting. Winter is a period with high incidence of safety accidents, Zaige Group holds on to safety work without relaxation to ensure the completion of production goals throughout the year by convening safety work conference, which creates a good foundation for the production of the enterprise.



In order to implement the spirit of the safety work conference of       Zaige Group, on November 21, 2018, General manager Zhao Zhizhong goes to production plant to check safety fire-fighting equipment.



Waste plastics sorting area is planned and divided and fire-fighting devices are equipped to get rid of accident potential.



While making great efforts to perform safety production, Zaige Group also pays attention to the work of environmental protection. Sprinklers work continuously to remove dust.