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☆  The construction of the six bases surrounding Beijing city 


According to the national development strategy of renewable resources industry on the development of Jingjinji ( Beijing, Tianjin, Heibei)  region and development requirement of renewable resources by Beijing municipal government,ZaiGe group plans to adopt advanced technology and resources to start the construction of 6 renewable resources recycling processing production base with the size ranging from 500 to 2000 mu in Heibei area outside sixth ring of Beijing, namely Zhuozhou city, Sanhe city, Yongqing County, Yutian County, Xinglong county and Huailai County of Heibei province,the completion of the construcion of the six bases will effectively ease the processing pressure of the household waste, waste materials in the Capital city, and solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by the garbage siege in the city.



Project construction of xiongan new district


The establishment of xiongan district is a millennium development plan and an national affair, which brought a golden opportunity for ZaiGe group. The company decided to build " xiongan eco- technology resource reuse Park" in Xiongan new area to solve the problem of garbage siege and environmental pollution. After repeated investigation, on April 23rd , 2017, invited by the leaders of xiongan new district, the chairman of the board of ZaiGe group Mr. Liu Kang led more than 20 environmental experts and investment institutions to conduct to investigation in xiongan new district again, and held a special meeting with leaders of Xiongan new area and conduct in-depth  communication and discussion on the future environmental protection of the new district and the planning, construction, investment and other aspects of "Xiongan eco- technology resource reuse Park" , and reached consensus.

According to the land planning and present situation of  Xiongan eco- technology resource reuse park, the planning and construction  are divided into 5 items according to the industrial development function and district requirement:

      1、The base of Xiongan ecological science and technology resource reuse park 

      2、Ecological waste reuse research Institute

      3、Xiongan ecological waste disposal

      4、Automatic disassembling line of scrap auto

      5、Internet platform for resource reuse





Construction of urban waste disposal center


In June 16th , 2017, the Xinhua news agency released the news report "central state organs will first impose mandatory garbage classification, ZaiGe group held the signing ceremony of "city garbage treatment center" with Beijing Xuanang Co.,in ZaiGe base in Handan city. The signing, marks a strategic partnership and joint promotion of new model of China's garbage sorting between the two sides. Which lays a sustainable, healthy and rapid development foundation for the two sides to carry out the strategic layout of urban waste disposal nationwide. ZaiGe group cooperate with Beijing Xuanang Co., planning to build  a city garbage disposal and renewable resource recycling and reuse center in each county of Beijing and Tianjin city, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan province to jointly build Chinese largest renewable resources recycling industry joint venture.





International Strategic Development


              The development is the fundamental principle, in order to realize the long-term development of enterprises, ZaiGe group will build a leading enterprise by the standards of internationalization, collectivization, scale and standardization , the company first plans to build a renewable resources processing and production base in Australia. In 2021, ZaiGe group will go global according to the national development strategy The Belt and Road, conduct the construction of renewable resource recycling, processing and utilization bases in the countries and regions along "The Belt and Road" to contribute to the global ecological and environmental protection.