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        ☆  To respect people: respect the needs of employees and advocate humane management to create a good working, learning and living environment, which is a full reflection of harmonious development between the group and the staff.


        ☆   To cultivate people: adhere to the combination of theory and practice to establish a training system features in standard foundation, outstanding professions and clear targets to guide the staff in practice so as to improve their personal comprehensive abilities.

        ☆   To encourage people: to establish an incentive system based on sales performance to promote the development of the employees. Award the diligence and punish laziness, enrich the means of incentives to realize scientific and effective incentive.


        ☆   To fulfill people: to create a work atmosphere conducive to the self-improvement and development of the talents of employee to achieve their career dreams so as to realize the win-win situation of enterprise and employees.