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      ZaiGe group ( was founded in May 2009 by Dr. Liu Kang. It grew out of Hebei ZaiGe renewable resources development Co., Ltd., ZaiGe group is a private enterprise that integrates the business of recycling, processing and utilization of renewable resources. the "Asian headquarter manufacturing base - ZaiGe (Handan) vein Industrial Park project developed and constructed by ZaiGe group is located in shangcheng Industrial Development Zone, Jinan new district, Handan city, jingjinji region, with distinctive regional advantages such as convenient transportation, and extensive resources. its planned area is 2000 mu, its total investment is 3 billion RMB. It is a national-level regional renewable resource recycling base receiving special funds provided by the Ministry Of Commerce and the Ministry Of Finance. It is a major project of the 12th Five-Year plan of Heibei province and a demonstration unit of circular economy of Handan city.

        ZaiGe base was constructed in accordance with standards of the relevant national departments, including the "five areas and one center", namely the warehousing and distribution area, commodity trading area, commodity exhibition area, sorting and processing area, supporting services area and information transaction training center and other infrastructure and utilities. The Digital operating system of the "five areas and one center" base enables a reasonable layout among different areas, a classified storage of various recycling renewable resources, an isolation between production and living area, equipped with relevant environmental protection and safety facilities. The first phase project was built and put into operation in 2011 and accepted by the relevant national authorities.

        The main business scope of ZaiGe are the recycling, processing and reuse of scrap steel, scrap plastics, scrap automobiles, waste paper, scrap stainless steel, scrap tires etc. Now the crushing line of scrap steel, the sorting and processing production line of scrap plastics have been put into operation, its annual processing volume reaches: 1 million tons of scrap steel, 100 thousand tons of waste plastics and 50 thousand scrap automobiles. In 2016, the total sales reached 950 million RMB, realizing the profit of 81 million RMB. 300 jobs were created directly and 1000 jobs indirectly. 

        In order to innovate its development, ZaiGe group conducts business operation transformation from traditional renewable resources recovery processing mode to high-tech and high value-added mode. It first carries out the project of comprehensive utilization of waste tires in 2017, secondly, it plans to start the construction of 6 renewable resources recycling processing production base with the size ranging from 500 to 2000 mu in Heibei area outside sixth ring of Beijing, namely Zhuozhou city, Sanhe city, Yongqing county, Yutian county, Xinglong county and Huailai county of Heibei province, the completion of the construcion of the six bases will effectively ease the processing pressure of the household waste, waste materials in the Capital city, it will become the largest enterprise in Chinas renewable resource recycling industry ; at the same time, it plans to build " xiongan eco- technology resource reuse park" in Xiongan new district and a city garbage disposal center in each county of Beijing and Tianjin city, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan province.

        ZaiGe group adheres to the development ideology of "scientific and technological support, low carbon development, benefit the people and the innovation for future ", goes global according to the national development strategy The Belt and Road, builds renewable resource recycling processing bases in the countries and regions along "The Belt and Road" to contribute to the economic development and global environmental protection.