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☆       Good at respecting: treat others the way you would like to be treated. Managers should learnto respect their subordinates, to help them, to give compliments to them, and take initiativeto care for the work and life of them.

☆    Good at listening: managers should often listen carefully to the opinions and ideas of the subordinates and should provide them with positive guidance, they should make friends with their subordinates and know their subordinates personal development plan for the future.

☆       Good at authorizing: with a clear goal as requirement, managers should let their subordinates have the ability and power to work and be responsible for the results.


☆       Good at motivating: motivation is power, it can be done through interest or fear by its harm, but the most powerful incentive is to change the mentality.

☆       Good at learning: learning is the most important to remove impetuosity, if a person cannot calm down, there is no wisdom. The decision made under anxiety is often wrong.