☆  Black pollution caused by waste tires


With the rapid development of rubber industry and automobile industry of the country, a large number of waste tires are increasing sharply by 10% to 15% every year. Statistics show that by 2020, China's waste tire production will reach 20 million tons to cause serious "black pollution", therefore, the treatment of "black pollution" caused by waste tires is urgently needed.



☆  Waste tire waiting to be processed 


Black pollution caused by waste tires, as a renewable resource, it is also known as "black pearls". Waste tires contain 20% steel wire and 80% rubber mixture. After recovery, processing and utilization, it can be turned into reclaimed rubber powder and reclaimed rubber. Steel wire can be used as raw material for steel-making. Its recycled and extended products can be widely used in industrial, transportation, urban construction, civil use and other fields of national economy, becoming an important renewable resource.




☆ Zaige and cooperative enterprises signed an agreement of project for comprehensive utilization of waste tires


Zaige conducts the transformation from the traditional mode of recycling and processing to high-tech, high value-added mode, in 2017, it carries out the comprehensive utilization project of waste automobile tires with annul processing volume 150000 tons per year with its cooperative parter. Establishes and implements the "Black Pearl plan"". With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the annual sales volume of the tires in the world reached 2 billion, and the annual amount of waste tires reached 1 billion. The waste tires produced in China reaches 300 million tons a year with a total weight of 10 million tons. its market prospect is good.



☆   Steel wires stripped from waste tire



☆  Rubber particles produced from waste tires


The base introduce the advanced waste tires anoxybiotic pyrolysis processing technology, after the completion, the daily processing volume of waste tires will reach 500 tons. The new pyrolysis technology can convert the waste tires into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and other high value-added products, and realize the continuous, large-scale and clean production under safe and environmental conditions. Pyrolysis technology is an important method and direction of the cyclic utilization of waste tires. And also the fundamental solution to the occupied land by the large accumulation of waste tires and problem of pollution caused by the unreasonable disposal of waste tires in the past. to realize resourceful utilization of waste tires.