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In 21st  Century, the core competitiveness of enterprises is the competition of talents


ZaiGe group has always been committed to building a creative, inclusive, equal, mutual-trusting and collaborative work environment. It is also people-oriented, putting morality and hearts of the employees as first priority and absorbing talents through flexible means of evaluation, providing employees with a platform to display their talents. At the same time, it strengthens its personnel training and the talent introduction to provide support and guarantee for the future development of the enterprise. establishing benign incentive and competition mechanism,  innovate means of enterprise development and talents introduction through the reasonable measures and implement the established plan of personnel training and introduction to form good talent structure and talent reserve. Putting more efforts to establish a benign competition mechanism of enterprise talent and create a human resource management mechanism suitable for the development of ZaiGe group. 

☆    Talent management: to select talents by targets, use talent by ability, judge success or failure based on performance;


☆    Talent standards: moral, capable, diligent, honest;


☆    Talent mechanism : rational use of talent, objective evaluation, use the enterprises culture to keep people and educate people;


☆    The talent strategy: the orientation of Sociality, occupation, profession, timeliness, self-consciousness, initiative